We are a newly formed non-profit company that aims to:

  1. Protection and restoration of water resources , including springs, groundwater, rivers, lakes, wetlands, coastal areas and the sea.
  2. Improving water quality, through stricter water pollution regulations, promotion of sustainable agriculture and practical land uses, and awareness of responsible waste management.
  3. Access of all communities to clean water especially in vulnerable areas. Creating clean water structures, implementing water purification and treatment programs and supporting a fair water policy.
  4. Awareness and education on water issues. Promote educational activities on water protection, pollution prevention and sustainable water management practices through public information programs and educational activities.
  5. Defense of legislated and institutionalization of new stricter regulations for water protection. Cooperation with government and other agencies, trying to enforce effective measures to protect water and prevent pollution.
  6. Promotion of research and innovation. Support scientific studies, encourage technological progress and promote innovation in water management practices.